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device deserved to be #1.
Cry is free.
electronic > s1mple
in the last 3 games he was better, that's true
Hottest European women?
mixed race women are the hottest
HLTV is a joke
danish people hate poland, that's why. They say that polish used to rob their houses..
danish nationalism > all
ps: I also don't have something against polish people
Eh, I 'm not polish btw and I 'm not a toilet cleaner, I 'm a computer engineer, without having something against toilet cleaners :) I paste something that I just read in trip advisor btw: "The aver...
your country is already racist towards other colours of people, so no, they 're already biased. Your society must have deep problems. Btw how do you avoid incest in such a "tight" country or you don't...
btw is she glaive's aunt? https://cdn.cnn.com/cnnnext/dam/assets/181204094211-01-inger-stojberg-file-exlarge-169.jpg
Device #1 .. and why.
he seems like a good kid but not #1
I also had respect for them, before I joined hltv ofc
some people think that because they had the "luck" to be born in western civilization or 1st world, that makes them superior to others. Oh what inferior lives they deserve to live and what a life they...
racist delirium
energy drink or coffee
what 's really bugging me is the barbaric behaviour towards people and their social exclusion and spatial segregation. Their placement in an island that was used for contagious animals is simply inhum...