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My dearest juliano, Oh beautiful angel! How I yearn for your velvet touch and how my lips burn for your moist kiss which is sweeter then the nectar which drips from the earth's most beautiful flower. Should a thousand angels tear out my heart with the forsaken instrument of death, it would still beat for you a million times and call your name in the night. I just cannot explain the passion inside which burns for you. What human being would not appreciate those radiant blue pools which you call eyes? When I stare deep into them I feel hypnotised and often get the urge to jump into your pools. But I don't think you would appreciate me stripping off and throwing myself naked against your eyeballs. That could hurt. I don't know if I've ever mentioned this, but I just can't just help but admire and love your gorgeous brown hair, which sometimes reminds me of a bird nest (only without the eggs and chicks) Walking along the beach, hand in hand with you, has always been one of my favourite pastimes with you. I love watch you get ice-cream all over your hands and watching you squirm and scream when I drop ice-cream down your pants is even funnier! I can't remember if I've already told you this but I really do love your smile. Its such a turn on to look at and its one of the many reasons I love being with you my love. Sometimes I wish I could do nothing but stare at your smile all day, but I'm not sure that's a good idea my love, as people will probably think I'm some kind of nut case and I might get taken away by the men in white coats. You are always in my thoughts, and I will always love you from the deepest depths of my soul which cries your name as it cries for your gentle touch, my love. I live only to please your fiery carnal desires
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