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What do you use? (Mouse, KB, Monitor, Mouse Pad, Headphone)
Mouse: Razer Basilisk X Hyperspeed, DreamMachined DM2 Comfy Keyboard: Logitech G Pro, G613 Mousepad: CZC Barricade XXXL (130x60) Monitor: Samsung CRG5, Philips 4K 43", Benq GW2760 Headphones: Monolith...
Gaming Headset
That's because they started out as a proper headphone (Takstar Pro 82) and justs got a mic slapped on the side
Gaming Headset
Notable exceptions to the rule: Beyerdynamic MMX300 / Tygr Cooler Master MH-751 (Takstar Pro 82 with a mic) Audio Technica ATH PG-1 I also heard good things about the Audio technica GSP series, but ...
Gaming Headset
The Cloud family of headphones suffer from the same syndrome most 'gaming' headphones suffer from, ie "put in tons of mid-bass so explosions sound like BOOM", whereas proper headphones go for a more b...
screen hz, FPS and input lag
You will probably experience a difference, but it most likely will be marginal at best.
screen hz, FPS and input lag
Because in that one the results are quite different
screen hz, FPS and input lag
Do you mean the one Linus did with shroud and grimmz?
500 W Power supply?
This is probably the best curated list, take a pick from there based on the price and functiuons
I'm not quite sure, it does say on the MSI website that it's 3rd gen ryzen compatible, but I'm not sure if the oen you'd get would come with a compatible BIOS on-board or not. I first went with MSI B...
Not necessarily, quite a few mobos support BIOS flashing without a compatible CPU inserted, worth a google in my opinion
how much watt?
Yeah, 1st and 2nd gen Ryzen is still a bit power-hungry, that headroom is a good practice Good to see you on these threads again bruv
Headset opinions
I highly doubt that he actually uses them for mastering, if at all. While it is technically possible, it wouldn't be a smart thing to do. When you're mastering audio, you want a reproduction as close...
1600x1200/1920x1440 4:3
You can make a custom resolution in the nVidia Control Panel, although for a 1080p panel I'd recommend trying 1440x1080 instead
I r8 your bmi
190 - 68 18.84 BMI