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Top 5 country's in the world
LOL EU trash list. My country literally has less crime than all of yours and it's more than 35 times bigger. Enjoy that tiny little country of yours xD it matches your brain ;D
Why dont pros show their hours?
I've seen some pro profile that have over 10k. Also why do you care so much? Is it that boring in Finland that you chase useless facts all day?
Literally only Americans and Mexicans think america is a good place.
New Cache is good
Only major complaint I could see was RIP FPS... expected with soviet era pc's.
Girl REKT politicans
You are literally defending hitler lmao. Go outside for once and away from Reddit or HLTV and maybe you'l grow an actual brain. TL;DR , Euro's and Americunts are still racist scumbags.
finish people come
Freya's feet
I mean in Thailand its all ladyboys with broad shoulders so yea not surprised.
they won.. do you feel stupid yet?
War in Ukraine
What the fuck do you know? You live in Canada, you get the same shit ass news I get. Otherwise your looking online at russian propaganda and might want to fact check where you get that information.
799>k id users
Stupid kebab lives in Turkey but thinks he's superior to ANYONE hahahaha third world country. 9.9% unemployment rate Nuf said.
Get_RIGHT Deserve another major
What kind of dick sucker names himself jOELZ?
I SURRENDER on insisting about Music you are welcome.
nt favella
anime recommendation?