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NRG vs DreamEaters
Nice excuse racist
Vitality vs Syman
Ez excuse
Don’t worry, DuDe will carry XD
NiP vs Spirit
Nip #11 lost even against heretics #54...
DreamEaters vs Illuminar
Haha cry +1
OFFSET vs The Final Tribe
Also reported lekac97 for being a racist. sad sad sad these angry internet kids with big balls nowadays...
OFFSET vs The Final Tribe
Yes my brazilian friend :) kids getting angry when losing bets, and blaming others or even whole countries for no reason. Hating so much these racists..
OFFSET vs The Final Tribe
Reported for these sentences. Keep being a racist.
OFFSET vs The Final Tribe
Very ez yes
OFFSET vs The Final Tribe
Haha, you can’t compare DuDe with per0n, maybe per0n is shit, yes. But DuDe plays in a team which is ranked #74. DuDe is the biggest noob I‘ve ever seen.
Gambit Youngsters vs Nemiga
Now kids even want to have the last word, unbelievable,
Gambit Youngsters vs Nemiga
Keep being a racist, and keep betting, instead of getting a job or invest the money into something useful. Europe flag, because he feels ashamed to show his country flag, but blaming instead Russia (t...
Gambit Youngsters vs Nemiga
First betting 700$, and then crying and wondering why he didn’t win. Haha such a joke. That’s betting, maybe you will get it some day, instead of blaming others or countries. Haha saying kid, but self...
Gambit Youngsters vs Nemiga
And where are you from fakeflag ? Feeling yourself ashamed, to show the flag of your country ? Sad sad racist.
NRG vs Mythic
LOL mythic is a team ???