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MIBR FIX to stop Astralis
Not quite
man vs men
I'd rather see woman vs women. No mud though.
I won't buy a BMW
Me neither. If I won one for free I would give it away for pint of lager or turn it into a jacuzzi.
Luckstralis... Call it what you want. 1-0 for the winner.
your favorite liquor
Dare I say Pussy Liquor?
I ran 2km
Why? Was The old Bill hot on your heels, or did you just feel like running? DrinkToTheStars! See you on the High Street on Dust2.
North vs Vitality
The Ship has crashed into the goddamn mountain. Very bad indeed.
North vs Vitality
... but the ship is leaking and it’s uncertain if they will make it to shore.
North vs Vitality
The Northmen are coming to England again...
I'm happy AMA
Relax. The Ones Above Human Comprahension will eventually also kill Homer, Messi and all the Ants on our beloved green and blue ball aswell. If we're lucky they're into recycling way much more than yo...
is FalleN too old?
Fallen will never ever be too old. We will always be too young, and we cannot fix it in any spur of the moment thread ever. Fallen is a GOATie!
Juliano has a dick CONFIRMED!!!
I cannot see anything confirmed - except that you're FaKe Clansmen
I'm happy AMA
Homer>Messi But that's just what "we" can comprehend - and not necessarily understand. It is mindboggeling though. Ants ain't got no clue!
That's just around the corner. If they can't agree by then, then they can just Bugger off back to their proud middlesized Island and start doing all the Toll Papers for every little fart they want to ...