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#NeverCriticized #RespectMibr Where are the Trash talkers now? AHAHAHAHAHAH
mibr won’t win
dont detonate rockets before the party. Im tired of Seeing people disrespect MIBR and sooner or later they will suprise Everyone :) #NeverCriticized #MibrFanForEver
EZ CONTENT #RespectMibr
Send me your awp plays!
nah i dont sorry :/
Send me your awp plays!
https://plays.tv/video/5b340c8dbd5adefeb9/helloooooooooo- 10/10 the death at the end its just the perfect play you cant denie it :/
best pro nick
Shrimp :D aka Shroud
I guess ur fav pro
Well im not gonna say i dislike fox cuz his talented not in his best moments right now. I think you guessed fox cuz im portuguese but no his not my favorite player xD Nt though :D
I guess ur fav pro
?!!?! :D
My gf is 15 yo...
Well for most people it can be weird but aslong as both of your parents agree about you guys dating each other despite the age difference theres nothing wrong with that and people just have to accept ...
Old Gold Games
Halo Combat Evolved Warcraft reign of chaos Warcraft frozen throne Cs 1.6 Cs Source Cs Condition Zero Metal Gear Solid Snake (Played on Ps1) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (Played on Ps1) Resident evil 1 (P...
ur country dreamteam?
Talented player but i still prefer the old school squad
ur country dreamteam?
Mutiris Fox KillDream Roman (RMN) Emotion
400dpi 1.85
favorite knife
Butterfly (Default) Why? because you cant get bored of it cuz it has no Pixels (IMO)
i guess ur rank