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Liquid fans, why are you so mad?
Maybe because as of right now, before the HLTV rankings update, TL are #1? "This is so pathetic, you still think Astralis #1".
And yet he's earning 100's of thousands euro's per year, and you're sat behind a keyboard.
CS is not dead
Valve are only trying to revive something that died off many moons ago. We still play it, but without the same amount of fun/care about going anywhere with it.
Zywoo cheating?
I'm pretty sure if he's got to the level he's at now, by cheating, he either would've been caught by now, or he'd be paying for cheats which would be better than what that flick provides. More subtle....
i guess ur favorite player
MG but played since source?
England pussy ????
The only reason you're happy is because you now have an easy win in the final. GG's.
imo the only thing that needs serious work on, is VAC.
Calling a girl down to live with me
You've never been to Thailand then.
Power supply
Tomshardware is pretty reliable. Find a PSU you want, and enter your current parts and a PSU into That will tell you if they're compatible.
low fps csgo
I've also lost 200fps since the recent windows update. My PC won't allow me to roll back the update, because I format my hard-drive thinking that would solve the issue. I've tried to disable the thi...
AWP Buff needed
In that case, you will know that those weren't the "golden days" for CS then. The game was unbalanced, and the awp certainly doesn't need to be how it was then.
AWP Buff needed
You've watched a few frag videos on Youtube and think you "remember" how things were. Cute.
Smooya bye from BIG?
If you look at smooya's recent performances, there's no way they can bench him. As a UK CS player, I seriously hope smooya goes far with whatever team he's at. #UKCSIsn'tDead.