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India and Brazil come here
There are many clean and sexy places here dude. Foreign media is so ignorant that they show dirty India just coz they need views and sad that people out there want to see dirty India. U come to me I ...
India and Brazil come here
RELIEF But it is sad seeing fake flaggers and some Indians as well spreading fake news here. I mean thats ridiculous. Imagine how a country would progress when its own people spread such cancer about...
India and Brazil come here
WTF boi Tell me it is a bait men
Virtus.pro new lineup leaked
Such an ugly bait dude
s1mple loves Ukraine?
Its not like he loves UKRAINE It is just that it is difficult for him to live away from his family ,his friends ,his people. Its difficult for him to stay away from home. He once said this on camera.
MSL 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Niko IGL
No I never thought the game is shit no NEVER
FAZE Fans come
YEah FaZe really has some huge ass plastic fans
Niko IGL
YEah I was actually lightning struck by that. I mean if there is one man on this planet who can not miss those shots ... He just did
Heat wave in Europe
N I am sitting here wondering how cool is 20-21 degree celcius XD
Inferno is worst
EXACTLY Ruski people Always agree with me I dont understand why People hate ruski people in cs? I think Russians always very good
Inferno is worst
U know what the problem is? That every1 thinks they know how to play Inferno. Reality is a bit different though. U can be a pug king on lvl 9-10 at faceit on Inferno but as soon as u hit I would say n...
Inferno is worst
Yeah because u don't know how to play Inferno. It is one of the most balanced map dude ask any1 from the pro scene. It favours a better team. And it is enjoyable at the same time. Not to mention it ha...
Frankie is love
still cant believe what faze won the blast
That is so fuckin genius