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New gun for T
They already do
New VP unbeatable in 2019
Only two players who are worth from this last VP roster imo
Tricked vs Movistar Riders
Come on boys this is the time
Natus Vincere vs Ghost
I know but in the first match they 2nd round ban inferno to pick dust2 wich was really risky. In this one though they did ban Dust2 and left open Train/inferno which is way better for them than dust2
Natus Vincere vs Ghost
Fix dust2? No way they're even trying it again in this tournament. Just ban it already and pick inferno, mirage, overpass or even Train or Nuke since Ghost got destroyed by NIP there.
Byali team?
I know mate just kidding I know tier 17 is where only Spanish teams live :( My point is Markeloff, waylander and byali that's not enough for tier2 in my opinion. Low tier 3 grinding out MDL with the ...
Byali team?
Swinging between tier 17 or 18 depending the 2 other players you want to pick. Markeloff and waylander retired in pro scene. Byali still can land in some Polish team like Taz did in Kinguin. If Gruby ...
Byali team?
No need for a dedicated awper in my opinion with this lineup. NBK can use it eventually. I'd go for ZywOo and see what happens. Btw Shahzam was Misfits awper. Amanek rifler / 2nd awper
Same. It's legit.
Spanish people
Shaman King :3
Create the team you dislike most
proof earth is flat
Is there a rank below silver?
proof earth is flat
Nah we actually have pretty good education but then we use doctors and engineers as McDonnals employees and deadbrain people as government rulers and important people. Spain is different, you know.
proof earth is flat
Nah I'm porbably even more bored than you
proof earth is flat
Wait wasnt German engineers like the best in the world? OK, we're really screwed up now.