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Best ISSA moment
hope both get dumped there're so many players better than them in the free agency right now OG can pick'em up cost free
Thorin 5head
And he's not wrong but that wasn't his point here it was more about Edward, seized and Zeus
off your chest
It's fucking frightening. All the radical right wing raising all across Europe, US at its weakests, etc.
off your chest
Bro, high school is the best stage of your life. Don't look to the future and worry about studies, career or money. I had so much fun when I was 17-18 you should do the same
How to gain muscles?
Number of pullups is not a good measure of muscle development. Strongmen like Brian Shaw was able to do like 5 pullups. Unless it's newbie gains or you're roided to your nuts, anytime you gain muscle ...
Galizia's coast, Cataluña by the sea, Valencia. There's so much more than Ibiza where everything is made to farm tourism cash basically
I mean it is what it is, everything for tourism and that fucking sucks everywhere you go. There're a million places better in Spain than Ibiza to both chill and party
Luka Doncic beast
Heard he's close to the raptors but yeah he would be a great fit in Dallas with KP playing the 4
Luka Doncic beast
Yes but he didn't bring a lot more to the Mavs last season that's why I didn't mind the trade for JRich. Bad defense, no rebounds, mediocre playmaking, bad court vision, etc. But the Mavs were nº1 in ...
Luka Doncic beast
Literally played better in the Playoffs last year than in the RS. Shut the fuck up