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Owen don't go heaven
I don't remember the specifics of the play so I don't know either why it was bad to go heaven there. Normally you want CT support from every entry point so you don't get a 3 CT stack in CT spawn for e...
More Academy Teams please
Nowadays with more and more veterans getting displaced by the current lack of space/new orgs in the scene, I think some of them can find their new role in coaching/managing some young talent in teams ...
Your first game?
My first nintendo games were on PC simulators that's worse than fake nintendos xD
Your first game?
Probably pokemon blue or red in a PC game boy simulator back in 2001 or so but I don't quite remember maybe it was yellow and 2000 or 2002 but I know it was 1st gen Pokemon for sure. Also old prince o...
RL and Thorin BURNING everything *long post rant*
With all these topics they're nailing everything they said a year ago and fans said they're full of shit exactly in post like this. Now NA CS, is gone, EU CS is struggling for sponsors, broadcast prod...
RL and Thorin BURNING everything *long post rant*
Yes basically that's his dumb point
fucking shit chairs
fucking shit chairs
Nah you're a whale not a man
Disqualify Heroic!
Yeah they released some months ago an article with huge data collected over the past half year or so about people who already past Covid and caught it again months later and they were a super low % am...
Disqualify Heroic!
+111111111 THISSSSSSS also my pediatrician mum when I'm cutting on diet: I think you're not getting enough protein son. Also my mum next day when she sees a whey protein bag: I think you're hurting yo...
Loser bracket is bullshit
Fuck no