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No you arent different wtf. You're the same as Galicia, Islas Baleares or Pais Vasco. Half my family is from there. Only people insulting Catalonians are the same kind of retards as Catalonians inslul...
Trump lost his mind
Ib4 your future kids die of measles
Poor Stewie :(
I don't think they start prepping at 8am for a 4pm match but I don't know so I'm not arguing that. However it's like any other job. I get up at 7am everyday to go to the office and I'm not complaining
Hidden CS talent in your country
Alex is the only one who could go into T2 EU scene. Sausol is good but totally unproven. Not a lot of talent from Spain :U
Tinder help?
Well my interests huh? - I love music festivals: ALL CANCELLED CUZ COVID - I love doing bjj and mma: MY GYM IS CLOSED CUZ COVID - Partying and going out late night: NOT GIVING DRINKS AFTER 24:00 CUZ ...
Tinder help?
Poor Stewie :(
Same. Agree with the oversaturation of tournaments but to complain about getting up early? Fuck off...
C9 oBo???
Funny because Vox in Spain is the ultra right wind semi-fascist political party which unfortunatelly nowadays has gained popularity among upper class people and some mid/poor class retards who think i...
Cloud9 Obo??
I can't imagine being 16 and stuck in the other part in the world with close to no company and amid covid times...
C9 oBo???
Perhaps C9 plans to move to LA while CoL long term plan is to live in EU? Idk I'm just trying to figure it out
C9 oBo???
Would be cool but I don't understand why would CoL sell him
C9 oBo???
Where has this came from lol