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Because you can't repeat the same shitty memes for a year and not annoy some people along the way.
Do you smoke?
No. Waste of money, shortens life, fuck all that.
Respect to the underdogs, Cloud9 really surprised me by winning this one.
Navi Fans Come Here
NaVi just kinda forgot about ENCE
GoT season 8 ep 5 spoilers
There's nothing left to spoil, this show is dead. Murdered by atrocious writing.
Tell me dark jokes
Read through any thread here regarding migrants, the holocaust, climate change, etc. Full of dark jokes.
UPDATED country tier list (official) 2
You can be executed in Singapore for drug trafficking. Executed to a non-violent crime. Nice TIer S.
Holocaust denying?
Jesus fucking Christ, some of you people are insane. The holocaust is one of the most well-documented atrocities in human history, much of it documented by the very same people who commited those atro...
Device overrated?
Anybody who thinks Device is better than s1mple is wrong. NiKo is debatable.
Billie Eilish
I don't get it. She whispers into the mic for 3 minutes to a fairly standard beat. Nothing new. Certainly not great music.
AK-47 Skins
AK is a weird one, there are a lot of good skins but none I REALLY love. I'd say Vulcan and Bloodsport are my favorites.
I guess your iq (very serious thread)
1. Age of Empires 2 2. I'm not a big music guy...I guess rap and classic rock 3. Sultans of Swing 4. Anime...I watched that one movie with my little sister with the little black cat and the girl flyin...
male feminists
Sure, we can. I dunno, are people really satisfied with only watching porn? I suppose if they don't harm anyone they can do as they wish.
Rejected, rejected, rejected...
Keep trying. Work on yourself first. Never give up. And don't put the blame on women and become an incel fuckwad, please.
male feminists
If you're a heterosexual man, you are biologically driven to have sex with women. You can't make yourself stop feeling attracted to certain women. So if you "give up", you have to construct some reaso...