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24BHB vs MiTH
Round over - Winner: CT (9 - 13) - Enemy eliminated PTC killed huyak with awp PTC killed stalker398 with awp PTC killed cLb with awp PTC killed NoMEz with awp PTC killed d@rklord with awp NoMEz killed...
24BHB vs MiTH
mith as match winner bro, i think after waiting 10 hours i will lose the bet -_-
24BHB vs MiTH
i got baited man ;_;
24BHB vs MiTH
and another pauseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee stop it for the love of god man !! this game have more pause than the rounds !! wht the fak is going on -_-
24BHB vs MiTH
i trusted jiNny man </3
24BHB vs MiTH
sadly on mith Jinny dont do this to me plox ;_;
24BHB vs MiTH
i know man no one does but since there was not much matches since yesterday i did mistake by betting this shitty match and now i am regretting truly :(
24BHB vs MiTH
i wish HLTV wont add this kind of matches in future !! NICE LAN btw !! almost 50 pause for pc problems ? xaxaxaxaxaxaxa
24BHB vs MiTH
JinNy my girl you go PogChamp xaxaxaxaaxa btw pause took more time between the game than actual whole 1st map took time to finish lul !!
24BHB vs MiTH
wonder why this kind of matches gets added on HLTV !! i regret betting on this match man :(
QuestionMark vs Sad Story
A big Question mark on Team Question mark are they even signed up full roster a Question mark which left all of us guessing question mark ????????????????????????????????
just 2 file of word.exe xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
Liquid vs Complexity
LULquid getting rekt by clown 9 and Comlulxity what do you expect lol xD
Apologize for ForSaken
hope so mate :)
NRG picked mirage and MIBR train !! man you should have some knowledge about this kind of stuff's if you'r on hltv lol