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Pele admited that Messi is the goat.. what else there is to say? Maradona did too. Almost every other goat candidate admited officialy that Messi is the best. Browse the internet from time to time dud...
Help me decide
And Ursus in 5th place ? xD
Help me decide
I want Doppler Phase 4. Why u think ursus is trash?
Because he's the greatest soccer player of all time ?
Soccer - Lionel Messi Golf - TIger Woods Tennis - Roger Federer Baseball - Babe Ruth and so on.. etc etc. Why you think most GOAT's in "mosts" of sports are men not women ? I guess you could say the...
Project A
why? you couldn't tell the difference anyway.. 64 tick is more than enough.
Opinion please?
Well I guess the Talon knife has those three holes in it.. also I think it's longer than the Karambit??
You must be some retarded newcomer who doesn't know shiet about cs. The greatest awper of all time is by far cogu. Other Awpers worth menthioning are walle, markeloff and maybe FalleN.. Guardian not ...
Grill in my garden
Great ideea.. however it seems kinda small.
C9 fix
Nobody right in their head will get legija in the pro scene again.
I'm confused. Did you meant about the guy who jumped for her ? why refer to it as "her whiteknights cheese.." and not their ? You were focusing on the part "her whiteknights" not the cheese**** ?
C9 fix
overrated maybe. the guy is a total noob. had a brief meeting on in faceit level 10 and he was absolutely trash.. belive me. maybe he was good 3 yers ago. now he's weaker than the average faceit level...
*their whiteknights cheese*****, not her. You welcome.
C9 fix
legija lol... even a bigger noob than tenz? there should be upgrades not downgrades wtf.
valve cache
well ?