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Vitality no future
apEX washed up RpK ok but does not have the potential or consistency to be top 1 At least remove those two
s1mple 63k cant win
Lucky no onliner, he is just poorly utilized in G2. He would fit much better in Vitality instead of RPK
it's very funny to post screamers, haha good job dude!
sunny to ence
-Aerial +Sunny -allu +Jamppi
who cares fuckin virgin
French superteam
I would -kennyS +Amanek. Amanek more versatile, and I think kennyS and zywoo would clash
French superteam
ALEX ZywOo NBK Amanek Jackz Best possible team, considering roles and history between players. +ZywOo brighter future than KennyS, they would clash if they played on the same team.
Yes he is very very bad lately
Vitality vs Heroic
funniest thing I read all day, good job men!
They qualified for EPL and then were told to participate in a shitty T50 tournament or they would loose the spot they had just earned. Because they did not want to try-hard this tournament and could n...
I don't like this attitude from Vitality but ESEA is so fucking annoying. Vitality already qualified for EPL by beating Sprout in Finals and ESEA tell them they have to partake in their shitty Global ...
G2 vs GamerLegion
So much delay, GGL worst event of the year omg
Vitality vs Spirit
Can someone tell me where we lost respect?
Vitality´s ASS gets eaten
who is sprout again? never heard of this team
zywoo vs s1mple
ZywOo stats are downplayed by the first big events of the year where Vita was still average and NBK leading.