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Cloud9 vs TYLOO
Same bro, same
AGO vs ex-Fragsters
Could go either way, but AGO did beat Fragsters recently on D2
W7M vs Evidence
These guys have really low team discipline.
W7M vs Evidence
There aim is more shaky than a gold nova, they look like they are not taking this seriously
#freebrax supporters come
Exactly, this shit is stupid. At least be consistent with your bans
#freebrax supporters come
Since, its wasted potential. Also, 4 years is long a time
swag's tweet
I agree a year or two seems to fit the bill
swag's tweet
Ok, how long should their ban be? I think 4 years is a long time, no doubt that the ban should not be 6 months that would be a slap on the wrist. Also, I apologize for the implication please say your ...
eUnited is a terrible org
That remains to be seen
swag's tweet
Not really traitors, they are now the scum of NA.
eUnited is now the most hated team in the scene
#FreeSwag, also yeah my respect for them dropped, as much as Stewie2k leaving C9 on the day Ska decided to take a break and maybe retire from the scene for the 1st time.
swag's tweet
Its been nearly 5 years, this ban is getting ridiculously long. CS:GO had 5 times the scene it had in that amount of time. Only 2 players that are relvant and banned are steel and swag. Steel is doing...
Most overrated pro in 2019
Ghost vs Luminosity
Well inferno is a map that Ghost gives Wardell a lot of room and aggression for Banana.
Well winning a major, is still a major whether it be a fluke or not. If other teams are doing it, why shouldn't C9? Nice Bait