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mousesports vs Valiance
Well done mouz
AVANGAR vs Winstrike
Wtf avangar
Gf is a bitch?
I'm sorry but the fact that you believe in long lasting true love is enough already, just by understanding basic evolutionary biology you'd know its a bunch of horseshit. Love exists, but not in the w...
Gf is a bitch?
How he feels about the ordeal is irrelevant, what matters are her actions.
Gf is a bitch?
You're thinking too primal. A gut instinct can be anything that he has an instinctive feeling for, a feeling that he's right about something without having any evidence.
Gf is a bitch?
He sees something out of the ordinary with him and her, you can't ignore that. I would like to believe in the best of people too trust me, but I've seen and experienced enough to know that it's usuall...
Gf is a bitch?
Staying in the relationship because of a scarcity mentality and starting to act all beta doesn't really signal dignity. There's a reason why a man should trust his gut instinct.
Gf is a bitch?
Alpha and being a man is realizing when the battle is lost and having the ability to walk away. That's power. The fact that she's overtly expressing interest in his friend while ignoring him is alread...
Gf is a bitch?
No one is advocating for him to be an insecure, jealous beta. Acting alpha and being the man etc. in the relationship is NOT a guarantee that she'll stay faithful. If a girl wants to fuck someone, she...
Gf is a bitch?
you're unbearably naive
Gf is a bitch?
??? Reply needs to have actual content
Gf is a bitch?
she's either fucking him already or she wants to. it's over, leave.
Nemiga vs Spirit
Jajajajajaja spirit back to their throwing ways
CyberZen vs D13
Never bet on chinese games
Vitality vs AVANGAR
12-7 -> 12-16 ROFL avangar is actually pure shit