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Astralis vs fnatic
hahahahaha the choke
Why not play DOTA 2?
Both are good games with their own unique strengths and weaknesses.
Why not play DOTA 2?
I haven't trolled once, neither have I typed anything along those lines. Read my messages again.
Why not play DOTA 2?
The same argument is valid for Dota as well. The only thing different after a break might be the meta, you will catch up after a few games. It's not like you have to learn everything from scratch. Aga...
Why not play DOTA 2?
Off Topic > Why not play DOTA 2? He was being ignorant and misinformed about the game, I simply presented a counterargument. Nothing low about that. This forum is not exclusively for the discussion o...
Why not play DOTA 2?
Same could be said for CS:GO. CS:GO requires more mechanical skill, dota requires more knowledge and experience.
Why not play DOTA 2?
I don't even play the game anymore, still know more than your ignorant ass.
Why not play DOTA 2?
go do that in a decent mmr bracket and report back, thanks
BIG vs OpTic
Irrelevant, Optic is a shit team. BIG's nuke has been ok in the past, no way they should be outclassed this heavily
BIG vs OpTic
getting rekt by optic on ct side of nuke, well done big
Why not play DOTA 2?
spoken by someone who has zero understanding of the game, expected
Cloud9 vs MIBR
losing to clown9 who have two stand-ins, one being their coach... sad
Astralis vs LDLC
ldlc were literally training dummies in this one
Astralis vs LDLC
AGO vs Red Reserve
Lootbet cup lmao legit games coming through!