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New PC - please rate it!
a 2tb ssd
Swedes come here
Well it is harder to get guns here to be fair
Swedes come here
we do? I'm not up to date on news in sweden
How to fix CS:GO?
yeah let's just remove the unscoped krieg and it will be fair
When next pc?
traitor to whom? my laptop has an intel cpu but I predict amd to increase their market share in laptops next year which hopefully means my next laptop can have an amd cpu. And so far amd doesn't have ...
When next pc?
hecc I don't want intel cpu or gpu, happy with my 3900x, but more gpu manufacturers mean lower prices
When next pc?
Next year intel will release their gpus so overall gpu prices should drop
Buy an easily modifiable laptop so you can open it up, change the m.2 ssd to a larger capacity
Is it a ryzen cpu? Speccy doesn't show a temperature for my cpu either, AMD has said they are gonna give out toolkits for developers to retrieve data such as cpu temperature.
Twitzz or Twist
fake: Twistzz & Swedish Twist best: Russian Twist bester: Japan Twist bestest: Czech Twist besterest: finnish twista
how old is your pc?
then it made more sense, I assumed there was a 50$ difference
how old is your pc?
Personally I'd get a 3600 and try get a 2060 instead of 1660 ti
how old is your pc?
When I think budget pc I think like 2400g or 200g, what was the price difference of 1660ti, 2060 and rx 5700?
how old is your pc?
That sounds overpriced, what specs?
how old is your pc?
Yes I also use it for game development and rendering. Mostly wanted something overkill that would last hopefully 6 years