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Pretty sure that one can drink 6 cans before the replaced ones are cooled down. But it might be better than nothing. Godspeed my dude.
tell me a random fact
Jdm64 might be the best AWPer NA have ever seen. Top2 for sure.
Top 10 AWPers of all time CS:GO
1. Jdm64 2. Jdm64 3. Jdm64 4. Jdm64 5. Jdm64 6. Jdm64 7. Jdm64 8. Jdm64 9. Jdm64 10. Jdm64 In this specific order.
Advice (programming)
Alright. I just used ionic to create a small android app to control a AGV. It was pretty straightforward but I did not research the performance of it. I will keep your advice in case I need a similar...
18+ Average dick size
Decrease the friction and focus on your grandma sitting in her rocking chair knitting a nice sweater for you. Should help you. Have fun.
Advice (programming)
If #26 recommends JS then I would advise to also learn typescript as well. Use some angular and try out ionic. It is easy and well documented. Its mainly frontend oriented but combine it with nodejs ...
What do pros do for a loving after they retire
Dude who knows. Maybe they live life to the fullest like Anal McLovin. Guys a legend.
hltv experts come here
Not to encourage you but this guy knows some tricks.
18+ Average dick size
It's not all about the size my dude, if you can deliver an insane TPM (thrusts per minute) combined with a high pressure when smashing all the way in, you will not be judged by the size. A good way to...
how to control anger
i will name the top 5 player from your country
Dude take the necessary medication for mild arm pains which for the record is two bags of grass, seventy-five pellets of mescaline, five sheets of high powered blotter acid, a salt shaker half full of...
most annoying caster?
Dude what? The guy is a legend. The banter between him and ddk is so funny. Dry British humor. Love it!
Is this normal ? PepoThink
Bro do you even mirror? That horrendous image will never vanish from your retinals. Trust me.