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Heretics vs ENCE
Never forget moments. :D
Heretics vs ENCE
Your prediction might be right if ENCE wants to make some suprise element they pick Inferno because they havent never picked it before as first map. Your map prediction allso is created looking map wi...
Heretics vs ENCE
I dont know what makes you believe that ENCE pick Inferno? ENCE mostly plays D2 or Nuke as first pick. Heretics and ENCE map pool is all most same expect -Vertigo ENCE and -Train Heretics then rest of...
Dignitas vs NiP
Bookmakers making huge mistake here :D if this would be Dignitas vs fnatic i totally could agree for this 3 odds for Dignitas but against new NiP roster? Seriosly 3 odds? What comes for last 2 years i...
Copenhagen Flames vs BIG
Bet advice = SKIP. Second bet advice = Go low for CPH. BIG ML is veeery bad compared that CPH have veryveryvery small chances to win here. Match Expected result = BIG win!
Lucid Dream vs ZIGMA
Hope so... but not SURE! :D
Ground Zero vs Rooster
Good odds for GZ!
Lucid Dream vs ZIGMA
Zigma wins.
AVANT vs Chiefs
7-0 AVANT. Chiefs (ex-Genuine) would not win any map here. :D
Invictus vs TIGER
They did? Well that was one what i allso thought. If they forfeited the whole event then its fixed most likely. Best part of it is its not illegal in asia to fix matches.
Invictus vs TIGER
Yes i think you are right. :)
Invictus vs TIGER
In the brackets TIGER moved to upper bracket stage 2 despite THEY forfeited this match and Invictus is move on losers bracket. Should be TIGER on losers bracket because they forfeited the match and in...
Chiefs vs i sleep
No matchfixing here both teams played well. Chiefs just gain their confidence back with those 6 rounds win in row as second half CT side. Isleep had many opportunities to close this game but Chiefs st...
Chiefs vs i sleep
15 rounds win in row by Chiefs! WP!
Chiefs vs i sleep
I Sleep have played vertigo only against bad teams. If u want to compare this map win% statistic then the correct would be 0% vs 0%. There was 1 win from Chiefs against PC419 wich are bad allso.