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Windigo vs ENCE
Maps will be Train + Inferno + Mirage/D2 decider. Inferno is allways question mark with ENCE they destroy their opponent or they lose it like 16/3... Anyways ENCE will win atleast 2-1. EZ4ENCE!
AGO vs Kinguin
nvm this i just vent -999 iq ._.
AGO vs Kinguin
So kinguin is at texas and this match will be played on europe server? fuuuuck.... :D
NRG vs North
Liquid was very tired?
Red Reserve vs Flow
I have the really weird feeling about this game goes 7-16 for Flow. ??? :D
Smoke Criminals vs ENCE
6-16 Easy and fun for ENCE!
AVANGAR vs Liquid
Liquid try to go make their "poor pro tactics" and they fail as allways. Jame is going after map 1 first half "fuck this" and start "WroomWROOM!" mode with hes rally wheel and pedals. 2-1 for avangar ...
ENCE vs Flow
Dont put too much hope for ENCE in these MDL games. How ENCE thinks about these is "Its just somekind online match" Like who cares. :D
Valiance vs Flow
Last round was totally fixed agreed. I dont personally believe in these matchfixing theorys but this was clear one. When he reached the B bombsite was okay to go short he knew that last player was low...
ENCE vs Vega Squadron
#1 Dont make any deals with russians. #2 Keep politic out of cs. #3 They can keep karelia.
OpTic vs Renegades
What maps its going to be? Optic ban Cache Renegades ban Nuke Optic pick Inferno Renegades pick Train Optic ban Overpass Renegades ban Mirage Dust2 was left over ????
ENCE vs aAa
Slaava Räsänen ‏ @TwistaCSGO 27. syysk. I am sure our fans are disappointed, I stated the hard part have just started, give us your support through this time. Our next peak will be higher than Cologne...
3DMAX vs Fragsters
Yes.. betting sites wants money.. It will be fast win for 3DMAX.
Tricked vs ENCE Never forget! :D
WASD vs SuperJymy
Zoree is now in HAVU.