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reason to kill some1
lots of shooting or just once a year, they're both facts
Is black a color????????
yes its true so true that shit comes out of my body twice a day, everyday
reason to kill some1
true. although, just another truth. mine was true as well. not comparing, it's a fact
I hate gay people.
I hate gay people.
sempre teve, só não se sentiam livres pra assumir como hoje. respeito, bro. só isso. deixa os cara/as mina
reason to kill some1
being american and going to school sorry mates, sad truth
Twistzz fragmovie
not a fan of slow mo and aerial cams but well done mate
Is black a color????????
the colors we see actually are the only color things don't "have". white color means that the thing you're looking at does not absorb any colors, therefore reflects all of the colors to your eyes. all...
brutal brazil police
you mean Rio, not brazil
DETONA vs Infinity
sadly he quit :( he's insane
what's the matter in this video? really
R8 girl
omg YES
american's teeth
perhaps you are talking about porcelain teeth. it's a technique which (i think it) puts some kind of porcelain cover in your teeth, so what people see is not actually their teeth now that's not only w...
american's teeth
agree but i meant like breakfast lunch and dinner
american's teeth
they do. we do (brazillians) that aswell. i met a guy from germany last year and he told me that most people from EU actually don't take much care of their mouths in general, not only teeth (includin...