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arabs attack german
How is my message pure shit? It's a fact that they cost 5 BILLION euros. EUROS. Stated by the official danish statistics. And awesome you live in a little safe small village neighborhood...
arabs attack german
So the muslims in belgistan respects, and assimilates? Interesting, guess it's just all the muslims in Denmark and in scandinavia that behaves like apes, pretty unlucky. Either you're a biased muslim,...
arabs attack german
Ah yes, muslims are such nice people!!!! that's why everyone loves them right??? l m f a o its ok you're trying to defend your kind, mohammed, and if you're not one of merkels soldiers, then try to go...
arabs attack german
Cuz 80% of the muslims behaves like fucking apes? Too bad for the 20% that can actaully behave. They just dont belong here, easy as that.
arabs attack german
germanistan stronk yes?
Longest DM killstreak?
AWP in DM yikes
Sri lanka
Very tragic indeed, It's certainly not a bright future we are heading for
Sri lanka
Glad that the majority of ethnic danes aren't like me? I don't know where you live, but almost all my friends despites muslims. NB is about to be a part of our parlament, and also check how many peopl...
Sri lanka
Than to be so naive, waiting for a source to confirm that it's muslims yet again, who else would it be? 99.9999999999% I suppose as the proud first generation dane you are, you're not religious right...
Sri lanka
You should know better then
Sri lanka
little naive türk, piss back to your own country, thank you.
Sri lanka
Suicide bombers.....probably buddhists right? hehehehehehe
I’m a sad astralis fan
ahahhaahaha i forgot about that
worst immigrants?