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u are the one crying, unfortunate.
better than any of yours, by far. shut up and pay respect to furia that grew kicking argentinians asses in the game.
u can see ones decadence when his laugh is at others failure.
wtf cloud 9?
furia and cloud9 have been playing in the same domestic leagues for some months, but c9 has more history. theres no need to trashtalk.
Are brazilians white?
ofc not, brasils a mixture of many tribes and we have big differences among us aswell depending on immigration, native tribes, slavery history, climate. its a huge country with many new breeds yet to ...
Are brazilians white?
(18+) in love with my boss
live it all, u only have 1 life.
(18+) in love with my boss
not due to private going wrong, but the things that you both will carry to work that were derived from the relation. when its good, things will blossom, ambience will be amazing, but if ure not matur...
(18+) in love with my boss
depends on u, but such intimacy can ruin ur career under her wing. or not. gl
TRUMP wins again!
stop spreading crap like u know what u are talking about. thinks have never been different since early 1900s in here. grow up
he is in his right as far as i watched, he seems to be in the street filming the outside of a sinagogue. nothing wrong. the security got excited and shot him. deserves to be arrested. cant deal with p...
does not even look like brasilian. im sure u have some crazy spanish brew specimens aswell. dont take idiotic conclusions.
SA irrelevant country
the south and the northeast in here are probably as different as the ones u mentioned. in some places the only thing bonding is the language, still. but i can see ur point: we struggle to keep the bon...
SA irrelevant country
nowadays im starting to suspect that this is because u spanish are not that united. we here in brasil, despite all difference and still far from being one, we have stick to one federation, while u spa...
SA irrelevant country
bacia del plata has been always a vacation spot imo, but uruguay has a lineage of bovine growth, while argentina perhaps havent found its role after the pilleage industry ended. we together destroye...