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9z vs Redemption POA
Wtf meyern, you played against mousespot, g2, Furia etc cmon m8
9z vs River Plate
Try fucking smurfing LMAO
Yeah vs Triumph
Why is fallen playing lmao
prime Astralis vs any other team during their prime?
idk but I would love to see prime SK vs Astralis, it would be an insane game
Faze -niko -bymas +glaive +xyp9x
Actually it seems sick on paper, with gla1ve lead cold could definitely show up and they team could reach top 1 but we all know it won't happen xd
MIBR officially a 3rd tier team
With cold they were making playoff and with Stewie and Tarik they almost won a final against astralis prime. Then they became shit and ruining players
k1to from #1 team is live
Maybe cuz lan only had 3 month lmao
Favourite era?
SK/LG era, it was a really entertaintmen era, always good matches and with good fucking cs. Fnatic too, it was a sick era
how is broky in FaZe???
FaZe just need an igl, -bymas + lekro or ALEX Coldzera is underperforming with Niko leading Rain back to shit Even broky stats went down with Niko igl They just need an igl that can control Niko's ...
BIG will never be a true #1
Now they are onliners, lets see what they can do on LAN, btw they are a good team with a lot of skills
9z vs Imperial
lets see what Bit can do with meyern
Vitality vs BIG
Grand final and only 60k viewers??
Rpk best 30 year old player
top 3 just with ZywOo lmao Btw we are talking about individual skills, not the team so flag checks out
Rpk best 30 year old player
f0rest >>>> rpk But rpk is in a good level, he has been playing really good lately