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Dignitas -H4RR3?!
-heap??? are u high?? He is one of their best players
Dignitas -H4RR3?!
Ok now maybe -friberg +flusha and probably a top 15 contender, they have young talent heap and fucking legend f0rest
Niko kicking kennyS
even if niko "kick" Kennys, it's a great move, Kennys was a piece of trash lately, and inconsistent as fuck.
What? Context???
9z vs Meta
how u have 1.33 rating but 0.87 impact lmao
Why device 3K usp not a graffiti ?
Well stewie maybe, the play wasn't insane but he hold the site and force overtime. By that he gave usa their first major
Why device 3K usp not a graffiti ?
It was a major COLOGNE semifinal, the match was 14-14 after a huge comeback by FNATIC. The one who won that round it was basically the winner, Olof got the defuse just when he died and went 15-14, dig...
100T Ethan
Ok now THIS is a really bad lost to csgo, an insane player to be honest. Suck he went to VALORANT but gl there!
Till 2018 he was a beast, on 2019 the first 3 month on faze he was a beast but then he collapsed, with NiKo igling and the bad atmosphere. Now they only played a few matches with karrigan so I expect...
FalleN HLTV?
tbh it was long time ago but im sure a saw get right and chrisJ on hltv forums, it was pretty funny but then when forums started to be more toxic they stop making comments
FalleN HLTV?
there was a time when players actually made comments on threads etc but then they stop making it now they dont do that but obviously they see demos and all that
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
Boombla strats depends on s1mple, if he kills it's ok if not here it is what happens, get raped
Gambit vs Natus Vincere
What a throw by boombla, seriously like wtf lose to Molotov