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Complexity vs FaZe
lol Cold being way toxic :D
Vitality vs Heroic
Never thought i would cheer for a French CS Go team, but tonight i do Push on Vitality!! Destroy "hacker heroic" ;)
Dominating the Scene for 2 years is boring for all others than Astralis fans i know :D :D :D
Who gives a fuck about ENCE? The most boring team in the world close followed by Fnatic, and they are not even that good.
Astralis vs GODSENT
Only 1 team on the server atm.... .....Rest is bots :D
US And Russia
The Biggest threat to USA is Trump himself, so the sooner they can get him kicked out of office the better it is for the Country.
Vitality vs FaZe
Omg Garbage match, Vitality are about to loose to a Tier 2 team like Faze that is embarrassing ! So much for the so called best player in the world (Fatwho), cant even win against the small teams !
swedes come here
facts https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
swedes come here
Typical arrogant Swedish respons You managed to be the 14 worst country in the world to handle the CoVid virus, far worse that any other Scandinavian Country, almost 6000 death and the only thing you...
swedes come here
Congratulation Sweden with your 5895 Covid Death, current no 14 in the world (Death pr million).
swedes come here
Say what? So far the Swedish strategy has failed big time, look at the rest of the Scandinavian countrys and you will see it.
Natus Vincere vs Astralis
GG boys we are back once more..... you really didnt think we would loose right? :D 3-1 GG Boys !!!
Americans explain
US Land of the Retards
Always been Astralis Era
I never said we were a pure Socialistic Country, we are a Socialliberal country, we picked the best from both Ideologys :) Research some more before posting next time :)
Furia trash kkkk
Just like USA :D :D :D