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American republicans
Then cry kid
American republicans
Funny thing is that the American Health systems i more than twice as expensive than the 2 most expensive country. You say you dont want to pay for other family's misfortune, but in a way you still do...
100 Thieves vs ENCE
your rent?
I own a small house in a little town, its a round 400 Euros each month in mortgage.
Next major!
Are you always that Naive?
Astralis vs Cloud9
13-0 and no Smile from Astralis :(
Next major!
You right, i wouldn't dare go to Brazil with out an armed escort
Next major!
My Friend, believe me it was a f*cking mess down there Im even surprised the teams went to Brazil, when you think how unstable and violent the country is. Personally i wouldn't dare traveling to Bra...
Washed up final LUL
People are not easy to make happy, if Astralis and Liquid dominate its a problem and now it a problem with two lower ranked teams meeting in the final :) Lol
Next major!
Why would you ever host a major in a 3 world Country like Brazil? Its to unstable, and their fans a very toxic and not very friendly Blast Sau Paulo says it all
+18 Abortion
I am for free abortion It should be up to the woman to decide whether or not she wants an abortion, and not the government. Personally, I find it a little crazy that we are still discussing this in ...
Try harder if you want to bait people :)
This is Crazy, so call me maybe :D
AVANGAR vs Heroic
Avangar is pretty good at camping :)
North 1 more danish disband
If you want to bait people. try a little harder next time :)