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Omg Faze, i didn't expect them to be so shaky this major. They really need a good IGL and someone to replace Rain, he has not performed well for a long time.
Major legends / countries
Maybe Liquid, i dont think MibR guys will win a major ever again
Major legends / countries
Olof could with Faze, i dont think NiP got it, but im not gonna underestimate them, if they hit a hot stream, they can beat most of the pro teams.
Astralis, fnatic - no era
Omg little boys :D
Fix aug before the major
If you should have learned anything the last year, is that the smartest teams is those who is dominating the CS Scene, not just aim skill. Astralis is a good example, they dominated 2018 because the...
Fix aug before the major
Fix? they didnt do anything to it, other than made it cheaper.... relax if no changes is made its just gonna get boring. Lets see how the teams addapt to the use of AUGs someone will find their weakne...
G2 vs fnatic
French CS fucked once more, not even Fnatic who havent been anything else than bad recently can they beat. And Kenny got knifed ! :D
worst major
Thank You, and u2
worst major
Thats good my friend, have a nice day :)
worst major
Ok, then why are you so angry? Smile to the world, my friend ;)
worst major
why are you crying my little friend?
Well when you got Faze and MibR attending anything is possible :)
Heroic vs North
Free Valde, what a waste of time and talent for him at that shit team
Heroic vs North
Lol North is getting RAPED :D hi Kjaerbye :D
Natus Vincere vs Heroic
GL at the Major NaVi :D