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Vitality vs FrostFire
they didnt, boot just forfeited
Top 10 csgo players candidates so far
JW and kennyS used to be the two AWPers that go head to head with each other, while for me i feel like dev1ce surge in rankings in the greatest really started around 2017 when he fixed his choking iss...
Astralis skipping 3-4 big events between Majors
+1 +astralis literally is so motivated to keep top 1 for a long time. literally robots
Top 10 csgo players candidates so far
in no particular order kennyS FalleN GuardiaN JW GTR Flusha f0rest olof coldzera s1mple imo honourable mentions dev1ce shox gla1ve Snax KRiMZ NiKo dupreeh
Most ridiculous law in your country
No chewing/bubble gum allowed in the country
best 144hz 24inch 2019?
xl2430 unless u don wanna use benq anymore
BOOT-d[S] vs Grayhound
gotta agree on that one
BOOT-d[S] vs Grayhound
boot hardly win against SG puggers tbh
Lucid Dream vs BOOT-d[S]
Your trying to compare G2 or Vitality to BOOT d[S] whose a team you know that is 5times worse. How sad could you be lol. The question is, did your scene win a premier even since 2017? Ya your scene ha...
Lucid Dream vs BOOT-d[S]
Lol where's your scene relevancy for the past few years in top level counter strike, and don't come back with the fact that your scene is bigger then mine :)
Lucid Dream vs BOOT-d[S]
or something like that but that is what it looks to me idk :\
Lucid Dream vs BOOT-d[S]
i mean in the Asian scene, most players tend to overthink a lot and go for EU plays but end up looking like fools most of the time.
Lucid Dream vs BOOT-d[S]
i mean its asian cs :>
G2 vs HellRaisers
mhm yemen sure thing
esports salary
nah m8 shox and kenny is getting paid arnd 28 to 36k, ocelote said it himself