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question things?
It is so idiotic to class all people together. People born in the same year can be very different.
Most newborns are ugly as fuck.. The head shape will be normal in a few months. Very happy for Allu!
Those who are crying are those who cant adjust to the new meta
Furia 600 IQ
They are the only theads on HLTV today :) (and fnatic laugh threads which I also enjoy a lot)
F U R I A is the new LG
When I get bored I dont get toxic or trash talk other people. But I guess we are just different.
Apology to all MIBR fans
Why did Fnatic pick train over cache? It made no sense to me.. Anyone got some info about that? Also I forgot about the 16-0 game.. Thanks for reminding me! :)
Furia 600 IQ
Major qualifier*
F U R I A is the new LG
hahaha :) - Yeah its kinda sad. But it does not even trigger me anymore I just laugh.. This comment by OP really made me laugh hard " i guess not, u put everything out and whatever piss is dick" But ...
F U R I A is the new LG
Good to know! Cool to see a non-toxic user from Brazil on HLTV. You must be 1 in a 100 :)
F U R I A is the new LG
F U R I A is the new LG
The only thing I am saying is that FURIA just choked to Avangar lul
F U R I A is the new LG
Of course you have.. Europe colonized your country in the 16th century.. Why do you think you speak Portuguese?
F U R I A is the new LG
You can use Google Translate. Good job hombre.
F U R I A is the new LG
Dude your country sucks.. Full of murders, thieves and corruption. In Europe we have a saying: "Those who live in glass houses should not throw stones" - But I guess you are too stupid to understand t...
F U R I A is the new LG
Yup.. Toxic and stupid. You just proved my point again.