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opinion of Trump?
he seems really stupid and acts like a child
playing poker for living?
Then dont ruin it by trying to make it your job
playing poker for living?
No way all those hours spent on Poker is worth the 500 bucks you earned lol..
No one is Trumps dog.. Trump is Putins little bitch..
New pc help
Why change anything lol ?
k0nfig to North
You want to replace IGL with Fragger?
your net worth
Reached a new milestone this month.. Got $100.000 in savings and no debt at all.
DK minimum wage!
DK minimum wage!
haha. You just proved my point :)
DK minimum wage!
Denmark does not have minimum wage.. No one ever said that.. But even the lowest paying job pays around 100dkk ($15) an hour for people above age 18. If you are between age 16 and 18 its about 60dkk ...
Do talent sleep together?
No. You just think she is hot and then you imagine stuff and let your fantasy run off.
Do talent sleep together?
Men and women and work together without having sex. Seems like you dont know this so best if I tell you now.
You must be kidding...? Japan killed so many American troops when they were fighting that USA had to use a nuke to end the war.. USA have not done a single great thing since 1945 when they helped free...
As a Liquid fan since 2015 I have to say this
They will come back stronger
Despite being liquid fan
I agree.. And everyone who says Fnatic was better back in the days I have to say this: No fucking way.. the competition sucked back then compared to now.