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BIG vs Sprout
ok, but see? denis playing awp? wtf? they need a real good awper ffs! :(
BIG vs Sprout
if you want to be a tier 2 team at least you have to beat sproud in 2-0 series. there you can see how bad big became. Smooya is a big talent, he should have stayed, tabsen awp is so annoying
MIBR will ruin FURIA
yes you are right. kscerato will replace felps i guess. i hope furia will still stick together a long time
North vs FURIA
fucking congrats furia. so nice to watch them WOW
Faceit premium
"It is surely very bad for health. also." --> for sure you are right. The Thing is, i really like playing CS. I sometimes watch some Pro Matches, 2 Years ago i even spent time by watching Demos and PO...
Faceit premium
Faceit became so bad It´s true. Guys have around 500 Games in Faceit and they got ~2.5, 2.6k Elo. Who boosted them ? These Guys SUCK so badly, they dont know any basics, nades, spawn plays, utility u...
600 HRS 2.6K ELO
still you will drop soon. You have very low experience, thats why you lose many clutches and does not know how to react on some specific important situations...
liverpool was just awesome. what can he do if the machine begins to work. He is just a Human. Its Anfield dude, they score the 2nd goal and then you know you will lose : D amazing stuff by Jürgen Klop...
FaZe vs
Sunny to ENCE confirmed, played against him at faceit, he played with sergej and he joined their faceit team. so its obvious
71 kills still didnt win
xantares faze mouz big
hdf du scheiss türke