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Meanwhile i enjoy two streams going on at all times, it does add to the expenses. Having an extra casting crew + arena must cost something and i doubt it doubles the viewer amount :/ No idea if the ex...
Huh? Where did that come from. I'm a big boy and bedtime doesn't have much to do with me thinking kniferounds are stupid :/
Knife rounds suck, i think the team who doesn't choose the map gets to choose the starting side :/
-bo2 for groupstages, i dont mind draws, both teams get their map pick. -bo3 for playoff games or small tourney finals, overall the best format. -bo5 for grand finals. Wide mappool should be rewarded ...
The important thing about bo5 is that you don't get to ban 2 maps, wider mappool matters. And i have no idea how often 2-0 or 2-1 comebacks happen, or why that is such a big argument :/ 2-1 comebacks...
Top 10 players of All Time at their peak
Didn't they pretty much nerf AWP because KennyS broke the game with it? :/ Were any of the other awpers that dominant during the time, i dont recall.
Top 10 players of All Time at their peak
Flusha, 2 aces in a row, unheard of. Maybe you want longer peaks than two rounds though :(
Whiskey suggestion
ice and bourbon mix well. The cheap and american brands go down better when chilled. Same with beer; if its cheap drink it cold, if its good drink it in cellar temperature.
Whiskey suggestion
Yeah. As unfortunate as it is, usually if you've heard of the label you don't want to buy it.
Whiskey suggestion
Just dont buy anything with goose symbol on it. Goose = Bad. The 4J rockstar brands are also pretty overpriced (Jack, Jim, Johnnie and Jameson). You should prolly consult your local store or go for La...
worst pro nickname?
Less about language itself and more about mixing common alphabet with cyrillic one. English is the lingua franca of the internet so you should use it. ÄÖÅ arent as confusing as "b" being the letter "i...
worst pro nickname?
get_right and xyp9x from actual pro players, on semipros we have cJ-dA-K1nG Honorable mention goes to boomich and other CIS players who type their names weird, boombl4 ?
Future era?
Astralis is here to stay, they will either quit or csgo will die before their era ends. That being said i wish all the best for vitality, would be nice to see french scene winning something for a cha...
This pretty much, but on the other hand it goes against every instinct to just go and kill myself. I suppose pursuit of happiness is the good old "purpose" of life or a rather driving force. Finding ...
Worst music genre
Don't really hate any genre with a passion, but overall i prefer my music to have 3 things: Thought provoking lyrics. Instrumentals that brings up some emotion, whether its anger, tenderness or even b...