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Prettiest girl name?
It sounds really good actually, why the hate ?
For sure didn't know this
my grandma just passed away
Stay strong, I'm sure she wouldn't want you to stop living your best life because of that!
NAV's new album
Kinda good, haven't listened to all of it yet. Sadly he couldn't post the song with Uzi's verse
CCTV was proven 13 times less effective than better street lights in UK at preventing crime. It is every citizen's right to walk down the street without being watched and having his every move monitor...
Talking with girls 2
And well, online isn't really much of a matter I think. As long as you're interesting IRL. Maybe don't stress too much and you'll find that it is great..if you think your replies too much it can come ...
Talking with girls 2
Well love doesn't always come at first sight. Let the things flow between you without forcing anything and she might discover herself some feelings for you. Best of luck to you!
Talking with girls 2
Also avoid yes/no questions at all cost and you'll be fine. Keep her talking
Talking with girls 2
Silence is only awkward if you think it is. Feel confident, be yourself and don't try to say stuff so she likes you. She seems like a really great girl for you if you like the same stuff as her. If yo...
Mom found my weed
Anti-stress, anti inflamatory, cancer fighting properties, prevents epilepsy, boosts libido, helps connect ideas and boost creative thoughts, relaxes, can be either uplifting/calming I agree smoking i...
Mom found my weed
The truth probably. Tell her you're responsible and know what you're doing. But seriously, who snitches on their friends ???
French guys plz help
Paris isn't at its finest right now with the protests but hopefully you can enjoy your trip. I agree with pretty much everything that's been said here but I'd add a trip to the chatelet and the part o...
5 worst cs scenes and why
Agree. But overall France > Norway i think
Best Netflix Serie
Love Amsterdam.