Rank : Global Elite
Fav weapon: AWP
Fav Map: Mirage/overpass
CS hours: 4000
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Your CS role models
what is wrong with that. i mean if you look at flusha and fallen they have done a lot for the community and helped a lot of people. Zeus and Karrigan is a great example of not giving up JW shows that ...
Your CS role models
worst player won major mvp
Why i think Fnatic will win against MIBR
Wouldn't say that exactly but i do like going into detail a little
Why i think Fnatic will win against MIBR
Yeah, i like going into detail
Suspicious but an aimlock doesnt lock from such a distance
How Astralis is the best
" many reasons " only 2
Designed by same person that Designed the Tesla cybertruck
Fnatic is not top 5
I agree to you that they haven't proven enough to be a top3 team. Being a fnatic fan myself im happy that hltv ranking shows they are so high on the leaderboard but i think they will do well in next ...
Supreme. Just de-ranked from Global a day ago
bo7 grand final?
Bo7? :D First 4/5 Maps Great CS Maps 5-7 Going to just look like any odd FPL game which is anyones win to be fair. Players will be too tired so most likely after a team wins it will be more of a re...
Cs go rank and hardwear?
global Smurf MG1 benq 144hz steelseries rival 110 Fnatic Streak fpd 300
your fpl team
lobanjicaa JW Xantares dupreeh zywhooooo
TOP 1 2020
I mean. i know Brollans form wasnt around this good the whole year but it was still top20 form. And now he's been playing like one of the best players in the world
TOP 1 2020
Someone mad all throughout the thread