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hltv > astralis
vac bans september
bro it's not 2010 to take ss and send them to the admins i'm elite on esportal already , mate , and pretty sure it will be some time before it actually gets detected since it's made in a "rare" langua...
vac bans september
simple yet unbreakable spell since it's coded in such a way that vac doesn't stand any chance of detecting it neither does esportal client , gotta test on faceit now
fuck school
shit you're that annoying kid that everyone bullies , sry for u outcasted loner
r8 my gf
i'm dying
do you pay for the dinner on a date
usually it goes like food 50/50 drinks 95/5 (95% of the time me buying them and they're expensive like 5euros for a .33beer or 7.5euros for a 50ml)
i went from 10/13cm at 19yo long hair top and short faded on the sides and back 21 with 0.3mm all around cuz my top was thinning at least i've got a full long beard that looks good
nt retard but he has a dick biologically - male your brain - 60iq
careful bro, someone might summon the white knights retards over at reddit to support and comfort him
15 year old girl
my mom
One celebrity
asa akira ye boi
16 Y/O WTF
that's fat niggr and her face ugly
0.9 kd faceit
so if i , get in the same queue as you and you have worse stats than mine, but a higher win rate , i'm allowed to bully the shit out of you for the w...
0.9 kd faceit
you can have 19-25 frags every game with the kd at the end of the game around 0.9-1.5 but 2/3/4 bad games when you simply lose a game 16- >7 and you'll see your avgs from 21-23/game to 19/18/17
Learn something more practical than programming , the "market" is overflowing with them already and you'll have to be top of the pack to earn that decent salary. imo learn something along the lines o...