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why do people generalize so much
That's exactly what I meant when I mention about the reasons why people don't try to change it. School, work, family and many other important things, not to mention about develop in many other aspects...
Illuminar vs Gambit Youngsters
woof woof
why do people generalize so much
You could probably write a lot about it, but in a few words you can say that the reason is that most people cannot admit to themselves that they are just stupid and ignorant. Ofc its nothing wrong on ...
I dont know if you are thinking about what you are writing, but your opinion shows that the information you believe in is pure fiction, which by the way shows your lack of logical thinking and that be...
Drunk polak in prague
He find shourcut?
game you regret buying the most
Same, cod ww2. I always feel strange burning localized in the middle of the ass area every time when I think about the money which I spent with unspeakable pleasure for this outstanding piece of shit...
LGBT conflict. What's wrong with the world?
Thanks man for your attention :D. I know that my english is barely possible to understood, but I have never learned it. This is also affected by historical circumstances that tied my country to Russia...
LGBT conflict. What's wrong with the world?
Ofc, Im perfectly understand that :-)). Discussion is much easier when you don't have to listen, just talk. But don't worry, you don't have to answer to this or even read. Because that would require f...
LGBT conflict. What's wrong with the world?
Well, I don't need to think too much about it my little friend, because it is written in history. Maybe you know or maybe not - u should know this from school, specifically your little part. My countr...
wise words, wise words.
Since there is so much public support in US to compensate for black years of slavery. Then Indians should also get back the lands that were taken from them. And finally, when everyone will be apologiz...
LGBT conflict. What's wrong with the world?
I'm sorryyyy... he was black? If that so, im very apologize for my savage behavior. He should get a Nobel Peace Prize.