chances are I’m in school when I’m online.

As for teams, I am a fan of many NA teams because... well I’m from here.
FaZe is my favorite team, no real reason why I picked them but I stuck with them, (not from the cod scene surprisingly.)
I like many EU players as well, and most of the teams I favorite are if I like at least 2 of the players on the teams, IE north because I’ve met them all and I like valde and Aizy

It’s dead but I still play

Be mean in my comments <3
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No it is their nerves imo, they are making a lot of really crucial mistakes and they don’t look comfortable.
dupreeh dad haha lol
I aren’t understand CS community
Yeah you just gotta let it be I suppose. I aren’t understand either men
round 1 scores
Ence 16:12 Big 16:9 Navi 16:7 FaZe 16:9 NRG 16:11 Liquid 16:6 MiBR 16:13 Astralis 16:2
do you own...
I bought a faze jersey at IEM Chicago and I only wore it around then. Bullied? No.
Pros You’ve Played Against?
Rip scream hand tho
What year did you start your Counter Strike Career?
(Includes previous versions)
Post Major Roster Shuffle
Enter players is what I mean, sure I’m sure they do a great job at setting him up. But his individual talent can’t be denied. With different players they could have protential to be better. Perhaps S1...
Post Major Roster Shuffle
If guardian retires then yeah plus S1mple, or either way I’m down, But it’s better that way so he can awp Also +valde since north isn’t going much further in terms of results.<<
Post Major Roster Shuffle
He is a stand in, I assume he’s temporary until the major since he was one of the only players available. He might not move but I don’t know
IEM Katowice Main Stage Pick'Em
Yeah if coL wasn’t there g2 was my 0-3 pick
IEM Katowice Main Stage Pick'Em
-g2 +ence
IEM Katowice Main Stage Pick'Em
Yeah +1
Favorite CS:GO skin?
Awp-Morris USP -KillConfirmed Glock-Fade (to be fair not many good glock skins) M4a4 and a1- Howl and Mecha Industries AK-Fuel Injector Deagle-Code Red or Blaze sort of 50/50