chances are I’m in school when I’m online.

Favorite Teams in order:
1. FaZe (always will be)
2. Ence (god allu)
3. Liquid (I’m North American after all)
4. Mouz
5. Navi
6. EG
7. Cloud 9

As for teams, I am a fan of many NA teams because... well I’m from here.
FaZe is my favorite team, no real reason why I picked them but I stuck with them, (not from the cod scene surprisingly.)
I like many EU players as well, and most of the teams I favorite are if I like at least 2 of the players on the teams, IE faze because I’ve met them all and I like rain and niko

It’s dead but I still play

Be mean in my comments <3
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Ebola in Malmö
I know I was confused by the title on this forum I thought I misread the article because I never saw anything that confirmed Ebola
Ebola in Malmö
I was confused, I thought I missed something when it said it wasn’t Ebola but guess it’s just a clickbait title.
Csgo Update
New maps are fine but when vertigo was added many pro players hated it when it was forced upon them, same goes for overpass and cobble back in the day. If they had a better way of releasing maps that ...
Csgo Update
Sure, but for competitive players it would wreck everything. Since I play more competitive than for fun I suppose I see the side that I don’t want any change. But you bring an interesting point that f...
Csgo Update
So are you saying the game is so balanced it’s become boring? Adding a new weapon has been rough in the past, the cs, r8 nightmares is what I’m referring to. If I had a choice I would say they can rew...
9 girls approaches this year
This may be the best response in recent history.
Faze With The New Info
If fail Rain to Mouz for frozen Olof to nip/Fnatic either or Niko to anywhere that can afford him (maybe even
OMEN 1v1 Challenge Seeding Phase
AVANGAR vs Astralis
Ence vs NRG 16:9 23:25 16:13
Zywoo 0 death
Yeah I forgotted exact details
Zywoo 0 death
23:0 vs liquid
no longer ence fan
God allu :>
give me profitable stickers
Sticker capsules is almost always (ALMOST) a great investment. Wait until sticker sale for them to be 25 cents or so then buy 50 dollars worth, or around 200 capsules. Then wait around a year and sell...
You buy Berlin Pass?
Stickers are my favorite investment every year
You buy Berlin Pass?
I buy. Worth It? Maybe not in terms of profit but it terms of enjoyment yeah it’s worth to me.