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bye bye fox
Truth be told, Giants wouldn't be here if Blast decided to stick with the usual 6 invited teams. Movistar played really well yesterday and the game could have gone either way. However, Giants played m...
bye bye fox
We usually are, but like in other countries, many portuguese are like this: If we are losing, "omg pieces of trash (in various sports), please retire". If we are winning "easy, gods, we're the best in...
AK-47 Skins
Some skins are really overrated and have insane prices, like the Fire Serpent. There are cheaper options, like the Bloodsport or the Fuel Injector. Bloodsport is the one I'm getting if I ever get back...
AK-47 Skins
I actually love the M4A4 Asiimov, as well as the AWP and the P250. I have the last two, but imo the AK-47 Asiimov is horrible. When I started CSGO, in one of my 1st games one guy was using skin change...
Worst Signing Ever
xD good one I totally agree, btw
Joao Felix Juventos
I never said they shouldn't be punished. They should. I was just complaining about the fanbase and their mentality, because most are ok with what their club does/did and their only concern his to watc...
favorite c9?
FNS C9 - Best C9
The Expanse (as #5 pointed out) Altered Carbon Lost in Space The Terror (this one is really underrated and deserves more recognition) .... I have so many I could recommend but these are the ones I co...
+1 Season 3 made The Expanse one of the best series ever imo (if you're into sci-fi)
Brasilians and Portugalians and help, somebody is threating me.
That's some well written portuguese right there. He must have left school with 7 or 8 years old
Joao Felix Juventos
Exactly. The media nowadays is so full of rumors and lies. I doubt a club would pay 75M for a 19yo that had a surprising season. Renato Sanches wasn't ready and that ruined his career. Sure it MAY be...
Joao Felix Juventos
A part of Porto's fanbase hates Benfica more than they love their own club. This is what's wrong in the fans in Portugal. Both clubs have been accused of doing shady things in the past, and yet their ...
did u quit csgo?
"all you can do is go sniper yourself and kill them all" Yeah, that's what I used to do. Or tried, at least, I tried
did u quit csgo?
I think I remember the AUG. I used it because it seemed to be the better rifle available, and everyone was using it as well. I was absolutely rekt in deathmatch, I was always sniped and only could o...