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best legal things to wake up?
Hey, Cut some slack. I'm here dying of that heat in the Tropics. Of course I'll freeze the fuck out if I were to stay in Germany during the harsh winters.
best legal things to wake up?
Best thing ever if you're living in a Country close to the Tropic of Cancer, or the Equator. Otherwise, You'll just freeze the fuck out.
best legal things to wake up?
best legal things to wake up?
Or that Physical Chain Reaction thingy from various Movies across Hollywood, where the end result involves splashing Cold/Lukewarm Water in Your Face, OR Steam onto your feet.
best legal things to wake up?
That's legal in Spain?
best legal things to wake up?
It's pretty good, although I prefer adding a small amount of Milk Cream for additional flavour.
best legal things to wake up?
XD +3000
Programmers come here
Huh. I guess I should start taking Danish Classes in India. Boy howdy your country would get a LOT of programmers.
fnatic vs Heroic
Why are we posting comments literally now?
Worst CSGO pro IGNs?
That's 1337sp34k, what's wrong with that?
Worst CSGO pro IGNs?
Imagine if your HLTV name was a pro IGN XD
Worst CSGO pro IGNs?
once told me
berlin major best?
Too early to Predict. Let the Minor happen, and maybe Two more Premier event, such as ESL One Cologne and EPL S9.
top 5 csgo countries?
Hello from the Other Side!
Not in any particular order, but definitely s1mple, Niko, ZyWOo, dev1ce, Twistzz and NAF. That's six players, I know, but just putting one less NA player, wouldn't have done justice to Liquid.