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leftists can't handle black free thinkers
Intolerance. Some one told them they cannot tolerate antagony or any different view and they followed it.
Top 10 pro nicknames
Linux fanboys
Things are starting to get better for gaming in linux. Gpu drivers are still harder to get from nvidia but it is deff getting better
Better than not taking any drug. Imo
Trump triggered by twitter LUL
Trump is wrong. It is not ilegal. It is not allways ridiculous and not unfair. Ppl have to learn to respect and understand internet freedom or we may lose it in the end. And freedom is, in the end, go...
Why trump covid and not just covid? He is not entirely responsible. In fact people are powerless countries/places that were shut down early, today have an exponential death rate. The virus gets in an...
A better Gpu will have the biggest impact in fps. The better the gpu the better fps you will get. Ram on a i5 7gen will make less than 5% fps diff
Ppl wanna be patriots and are confused. Starts to follow nationalists like sheep because they cant think for themselfs and start reading books written by ppl that thinks for them. Humans...
Brazilian president lol
Democracia amigo. Democracia so faz sentido com alternancia de ideias. Edit: e relaxa que depois a esquerda volta. O processo é demorado mas é assim que a democracia funciona
Brazilian president lol
Medicine against too much left and markx ideologies. That's why.
Your favorite historical figure