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do someone else use that bind
Its fine to use. I use it on my mouse for awping
how is it with the buttons on the other side, do you ever hit them on accident ? Do you leave them unbound. Can you use them as binds without it being awkward ?
Yah but you only get paid for so long with no performance before investors say fk this we'e losing money and cut ties. Hes good rn but there are consequences further down
Hea not even playing star player spots lol
Best mechanical keyboard
This is correct
Buying gpu that was used for mining
If hes selling a gtx 1080 for 300 use ur head. Its obviously fucked up.
Danish SK?
You are a citizen of where you are born thus making you that nationality. Hltv users mistaking nationality with ethnicity is funny :)
[+18] Girl Help
A date doesnt have to be a romantic candle lit dinner. Just tell her you think shes really cute and ask if she wants to grab a coffee some time ? She'll be flattered or uninterested but if shes inter...
Liquid autimatic
You can have a supportive awper. That does exist
Liquid autimatic
My concern especially after listening to an old podcast with zews today. Understanding all he did for that team, Liquid is great because of zews and their sports psychologist. Stewie will need that he...
C9 Karrigan
Only problem is goldens out cause of health and from what ive heard this could be a lengthy leave
Kjaerbye Laugh Thread
Kjaerbye: "This might come as a shock, however sometimes in life you need the courage to take a step backwards in order to move forward towards new goals." axaxa
Kjaerbye Laugh Thread
kjaerbye left because he wanted to play better and thought msl could take him there.
1-10 on the shady scale that's a 9.5
You can only play against bots retard xd