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USSR only won because of winter and numbers, soviet soldiers were fucking coward BOTs just like Russian CS
Oh sorry irrelevant country
Go suck on Putins cock you stupid communist bot
more than 25 million soviets died in that war you fucking retard. They only won because of winter and numbers, soviet soldiers were fucking BOTs just like Russian CS
What a bunch of retards
Top 5 Rappers
k go listen to retarded black people talk about violence and money. Rap is not music. If you like that trash shit you are retard and have terrible taste in music.
Do you play CSGO
ye me too
Do you play CSGO
I used to play a lot now I get lazy and dont enjoy it as much
How to play CT on Dust2
3 players A site. 2 get cat control and 1 stay site watching long. Leave long for the T's, they still have to push up all the way to the site, you dont need long control. I do this because if the T's ...
Top 5 Rappers
True. Difference is pop is homosexual poems and rap is violent poor people poems
Top 5 Rappers
Rap is not music. Just a retard reading poems while another retard puts an artificial beat on repeat. Great talent /s
Poor people and favelas
im 12 yo
Nobody likes muslims
He was racist towards Costa. Deserved some favela saliva to the face.
Worst pro player now
No he is one of the worst because he has been playing vs tier1 opponent for the last 3 years and was a shit BOT everytime. Now he is in tier5 where he belongs so he frags a little bit.