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Faze's issue
it was a mistake kicking cold and bringing karrigan to begin with,guy can't frag to save his life...
FaZe <3
faze was not an amazing team with cold but at least they were #10 now with i can't frag to save my life karrigan in the line up faze unfortunately won't perform...it was a mistake bringing back karrig...
Extra Salt vs G2
good thing they finished it off so fast,my god the casters of that game are soo bad
team that lets krystal get a +12 on a map should disband right away
at this point i'm looking at the games krystal has played just to laugh at his k/d,this is a joke
Billie Eilish <3
nah thats bhad bhabie KEKW
FaZe vs G2
doesn't feel the same way if you can't hear the game sounds,if there was an option to mute the casters trust me I'd do it right away
FaZe vs G2
anyone got another stream other than esl to watch the game? holy fuck the voice of the casters is annoying as fuck
Dignitas vs Spirit
f0rest almost 33 y.o still playing really good against T1 teams
rain needs to go
i agree with that,yes being an igl doesnt mean u gonna get 20+ kills every game but karrigan is always an 8-20 guy,i think its time for him to become a coach instead
Triumph vs High Coast
ben 28-19? and people say miracles don't happen nowadays
Bad News Bears vs High Coast
how is ben SO FUCKING BAD on every single team he plays for lul
how tf u lose a bo3 when only 1 player of your opponent has positive k/d lul
Astralis vs Spirit
uhm spirit top 5 team already?
Evil Geniuses vs FunPlus Phoenix
breeze top 20 player btw