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I was kidding. By no means edward was good but he was definitely better than guardian and deserved better recognition than community gave him
Top 20 players 2019: 18th
FaZe should of won
The correct way would be should have won, or should've won. Yeah its sounds just like should of won so i think thats why you got it wrong anyway
This guy is cheating or not?
Actually i think he is. Usually on deagle multi-kills people just got perfect crosshair placement on around 2 or more kills. He didnt got any perfect crosshair placement. He flicked every single time.
liquid making same SK mistake LUL
Stewie should go to a support role. He cant play like a star since he left c9
C9 | valens
what happened to golden?
snax rekt snax
Liquid fix
Its not the fact that they will get better as a players, it seems to me that they are already tier 1 team, they just need to find themselves in big matches and finals
I mean it, they did well agains astralis, but so did faze. I think by now they are prob on the same level, or very close.
I think if you just count on mouz points, they can go to 415+, but with mibr getting 2nd in Blast pro series, they should keep the 4th place.
I mean it, yeah i understand you, but i dont think switching players every few tournaments gonna do any good to a team. I think is better stick to some lower skilled players instead of trying to find ...
Why are FaZe so bad?
olofmeister hasnt done any good to the team at all. Since he rejoined (eleague premier), faze is shit. They were better with xizt or cromen