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pita depressed?
He looks so sad its such a feelsbadman
Happy Birthday me
bruhh science gae
Happy Birthday me
Ayyyy same age hb
Windigo vs GamerLegion
Ez 4 GL
Lies verygame nbk was so stronk
Non on paper at the time of shuffle envyus looked way better to most ppl but G2 did so much better
Ex6tenz important for french cs
Verygames scream? He was good in his small teams in source but when he got into vg he evolved but then fell off in the shuffles scream and ex6 always got the worst shuffles and I think those were when...
Indian CSGO
Lmao ikr I just watch cs and play once in a while for enjoying and fun
Not really I still think G2 needs a proper igl ScreaM fan BTW tbh I don't want scream or ex6 in a French team
New french shuffle
Wdym it was all outside inside the game 4/5 of the players u named were part of the same roster which was considered the best team alongside nip
New french shuffle
Nope no one Hates the other they just don't wanna play with each other Shox and nbk don't wanna play same team Shox stated that scream had a bit of ego towards end of g2 NBK never liked screams plays...
New french shuffle
U do realise the team I stated was the best at one time VG Where was scream toxic and ex6 toxic they both were just both left outside the shuffles
New french shuffle
Na i don't believe in vitality making any changes well have to see them in few more tourneys G2 needs shox to step down from igl and get a proper igl
New french shuffle
Maybe -kio +smithzz and we'll get best team
New french shuffle
And pls no more shuffles