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What is a good PC
CPU Anything relevant from 2012 > will give you 200+ fps Csgo is a potato game, and easy to run
That's a fantastic build, well balanced as well. Don't listen to plebs telling you that clock speeds on 8 cores will win vs 16 cores and 32 threads. Also you will need serious cooling to keep i9 under...
yes it does, but you still cant compare 8 cores 16 threads to 16 cores and 32 threads...
Build me a computer
You are saying this based on what, your eternal testing with probed vrams or anything similar ? power draw and temps on 8700 non K is a bit higher than 8400. H310 would be a bad fit for 8700, but not ...
Build me a computer
Lmao dude, you got mauled by this lad ! You have no clue what you're talking about, only mistake I see in this build is that he went with 3000mhz ram even tho b360 chipset supports 2666mhz max. I have...
Haircut problem
only ugly people care about the haircut lol, just compensating....
List of guns you shot irl?
Some air rifle back at summer camp 2008 if i can remember correctly.
[20+] rate girl
Girls can do whatever they want, because they're equal members of the society. That's a pathetic excuse for a misogynist state of mind in order to downgrade them further and treat them like objects. ...
144 hz monitor
144hz is outdated by today's standard where all pro's have migrated to 240hz. Difference is indeed massive, especially if you are coming from 75hz. Also the pricing is nit so bad nowadays, id recomm...
Fk2 then
Richard Lewis gf = trap?
Doesn't matter as long as they're happy and satisfied. Transphobia has no place in modern society. Love is love, no matter who's between. Learn to respect others and don't be narrow minded. Have a...
HLTV Chad vs Reddit Virgin
Solid meme my friend. It's funny because it's true in so many ways. "watches thorin's thoughts" made me giggle a bit.
Jonty I luv u
No, if anything it's the opposite. You claim to have read the comment, but have no evidence about anything stated in it. My reply provides enough sufficient evidence to stop fake impersonating accus...