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Thats really bad considering he took so much time for the first shot
"navi still top 1"
I dont know i think they are just delusional. I am a Fnatic fan and i know that the way they play atm i think they are at max a Top 10 Team
True just play without IGL xD Well -ChrisJ is really viable
Fnatic? Mouz?
Fix fnatic
The thing Fantic is lacking the most is an consistent awper, JW can be really good or really bad. But if you replace JW the synergy coulb be gone and thats why this Team is really hard to fix. They ar...
How is Fnatic #1?
The problem is it works agains Teams likem Astralis etc. because they normaly dont play in such an chaotic style. But tier 2/3 Teams can handle such chaos better because they are more used to it. And ...
Epl final day
https://twitter.com/SamuelssonCSGO/status/1248023383620681733?s=19 Just check this.
fnatic vs mouz
#11 ;) #16
fnatic vs mouz
that didnt last long
TOP 20 so far
I thik our expectations on Zywoo are to high. In the Back of our mind we still compare him to s1mple and s1mple is just nuts this year. Zywoo will recover i guess and maybea can climb to 2-4 at the en...
TOP 20 so far
I think Boombl4 is missing in your list.
TOP 3 Krieg abusers
Brehze 8,87% Kills are krieg. Last 12 months total krieg kills: 1423 Elige 7,5% Kills are krieg. Last 12 months total krieg kills: 1072 Electronic 6,28% kills are krieg. Last 12 months total krieg kil...
s1mple device zywoo
Nobody can say who will be the best player in 2020 because its still a long time till the end. But until now S1mple played the best in 2020 so far.
Astralis is not legendary
BIG back in EPL
I hope this is right. Really wanna see Fnatic vs BIG.