Try harder and salty French fag but no flamer

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What song is this?
Epic sax guy
France Right Now
I always doubt with those lul, ty
Zywoo in vitality
Nt Merkel
France Right Now
Ye ofc that's a start but it won't be enough, and because France is very in dette well nothing is going rly well
France Right Now
He didn't increase the minimum salary, but added something that gives (not everyone) +100€ per month, which isn't that much if you remove everuthing you pay
Didn't know that, I'm kinda surprised, that's such a stupid as$ law
Maybe he was born in France but there's a law that gives you the French nationality if you are born France, so he might be considered as a French without really being one
MM is unplayable
Met some hackers in different gamemodes (community 5v5/casual/dm) and most of them have that shit that sends a message everytime they kill some1 like "" dem british
Yes obviously but the fact that they came too early just gave them a bad look, and the government exploits this to even more make them hatable, but ye, they talk about revolution, and there's no revol...
Since it looks like you only know a quarter of the reality, i gotta tell you something Those who came to destroy things have been a problem for years here, they are just some random groups of young re...
why no ot in mm
They should do something like ask for an ot at the end, if players want to or not imo
Finally out of Silver!
Hey my rank just expired for the second time i'll probably be out of mg now i'm sad be careful, it might happen to u and you'll be mad
French Text No. 100
Better than most of French people, great dude, not a single error there
Paris actually
That's what they usually do, but there were just too much in Paris
Paris actually
Your brain isn't turned on enough still ? I told you those are not real protesters but just retards acting in group in a lot of protestations