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NiKo - Bosnian or Serbian? *explained*
not even from europe m8
is 'chingchong' racist?
wow wat are you racist?
is 'chingchong' racist?
and you aren't japanese m8, get off your high horse
NiKo - Bosnian or Serbian? *explained*
Its just the reverberations of centuries of ottoman rape, slavery and imperialism in the balkan region. But don't worry about that it's probably europe's fault somehow. Also be nice and tolerant to ...
Come FaZe haters
I just alcoholic friend
Myanmar come here
Of course they are actually from burma, just like I am from hungary :DDD
my boss is a racist
very sad life to think about your boss so much, he prolly don't think about you at all
The consistency of his online performances and how ridiculous in comparison they are to SS lan performance is super fishy. Not saying he IS cheating, but I just don't understand how they are so cons...
US Democrats 2020 candidate
Bernie "Vote for Hillary" Sanders
Your penis size?
Whatever my man, you can not give a shit whatever, but it's literally a matter of 5 seconds and if you have a ruler lying around and then you know forever. I don't see why you wouldn't just out of cur...
Your penis size?
People measure their height, their weight, their clothing sizes, in sports people know their reach. Women all know their bra size and lots know their waist, bust and butt measurements, why would it be...
NO OT???
dont need to do anything, everybody is incredibly poor and women beg for middle eastern peepee
NO OT???
nt enjoy 1000000 more refugees flooding your country for more rape ps. pay denbts
NO OT???
I don't care that you great great grandma was rape by a turkoman, go back to the middle east.