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eu come
you could give brazil a fresh start and trillions of dollars worth of gold and they would be back to square one in a couple decades lol. You fall the to the mean of your populace.
This made my blood boil (actually)
we would have to significantly lower population and outnumber ourselves with robots, but if we could functionally replace all labor with robots, most young people *could live this way. I am not saying...
This made my blood boil (actually)
Everybody could live like this if we had robots doing all of our busy work
With all this extra time we could even have less than 10 BO1s happening at the same time.... imagine.
Power of Writing
Committing it to writing is good, but generally day to day you can just use your head, as in recite it back to yourself in your head, debate with yourself in your head or explain your situation to you...
Embarrassing video
it less gay than having makeout with mens 2bh bro.
Case opening for the poor
how about skins for the blind?
What to snack and not get pimples?
beef doesn't give you pimples lol
What to snack and not get pimples?
lol no wonder p1mple boi
Embarrassing video
repent homeofsexual
Embarrassing video
I aren't think that. Grabby grabby or slappy slappy in the lockeroom is like 2-3/10 on homo scale and kissy kissy is at least 11/10 homo. Possibly the most homo thing you could ever do.
Embarrassing video
I aren't think there is anything more gay than kissy kissy with your bros. nt homo fantasies
Why are people upset over this?
Yeah, I guess as far as you believe abrahamic fairytales, then these guys are "satanic".