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Tyloo cocky? @NRG
By "cya", they specified that this will be the last match of NRG in major qualifier because NRG will win against Tyloo and qualify for major. So, they hope to see them later in the new legends stage. ...
How to avoid tilt
Tell yourself that isn't important as much as you think. Just try to have fun while doing things, don't focus on result or success.
Rating/fixing nicknames
Thank you, Mr. Cristiano Ronaldo!
Rating/fixing nicknames
go ahead
I agree with you but i think they didn't work on it other than playing in tournaments. Because as we can see, they don't have any progress in their play in d2. If they try to be good and want to play ...
While they were playing that good, i don't know how they can't close the map against 3DMAX. Man it's 3DMAX.. Not the best team in the world. It came to me fishy. Yes, apparently they can't play d2 pr...
Why do you visit HLTV?
I've come to see this.. and i'm leaving.
Hahahah, they can afford it now then.
Clearly second map was a throw from 13-7. After losing a round they forgot how to play. It seems like tournament organizators and bet sites wanted match to be 3 maps.
Valiance vs BIG
see you
BIG vs Spirit
Very strong performance by Team Spirit.
I don't know why they didn't have technical issues while winning rounds but had issues while losing and it happened twice not once.
ur biggest fear?
Life is all about upsides and downsides. Bad experiences is also a part of life that we can't mostly avoid. That makes you extremely sad and also you think that could be me in that situation. Everybod...
ur biggest fear?
Yes; i've already thought about that, it all will be gone one day and that fucked me up too. Find yourself something that you want to dedicate yourself to it and just try to be happy about it. It mayb...
ur biggest fear?
We know that will come one day but see the life as a opportunity given to you. Then, do things that you want in this limited time. Achieve things that you want but you don't attempt because you are la...