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How to fix CS:GO?
And a harder ranking/more elite cus the skill gap between globals is ridiculous, even if it is the top 0.75% globally and by far the smallest skill group. But +1 to showing the mmr (even though they c...
How to fix CS:GO?
#37 And if it is completely fixed then graphic settings shouldn't affect smokes/molly/nade visibility, though I understand that may be problematic to fix.
How to fix CS:GO?
Still had personal problems with them, and one way smokes I imagine are an (unhealthy imo) product of it, although i could be wrong.
How to fix CS:GO?
Client side smokes are a problem imo. Smoke/molly interaction sometimes being unreliable is dumb too. Expanding scrimmage to all maps should be a thing too, it's really dumb that they made scrimmage a...
CS:GO in 2030.
Doubt it will be as big if Valve keep mainly pumping resources into DOTA2
FACEIT question
They should be allowed, I remember even when I played with a team I still very occaisionally Q'd as a 5 stack and more often than not it was a stomp or even as a 4 stack it was just the 4 of us carryi...
FACEIT question
Not saying they shouldn't count at all, but they're absolutely unfair advantages over regular solo players, and boost players to higher elo that they really shouldn't be at.
s1mple not top-3 2019
+1 always thought that argument was retarded when considering individual awards
UK cs.. :)
RU just because of ping, I've seen plenty of 100+ ping Russians when the server is hosted in western Europe, both communities have a majority 'working class' teenager demographic so obviously they'll ...
FACEIT question
Ah, I misunderstood then. I wonder if FACEIT will ever address elo farming or 5 stacks properly for free users.
FACEIT question
Why is it harder in a hub? Wouldn't it be easier in a hub, most only soloQ in a hub and you'll run into way less smurfs/elo farmers
-rain +Kaze
His English is fluent, no extreme accent or problems understanding him from what I've seen first hand playing with him. Not sure about how good he's be internationally though, he had a huge problem on...
Any Cool Scientific Facts You Would Like To Share
In a calm environment, an elephant's brain reacts the same way humans do when we see puppies. Elephants think we're cute.
Ur biggest in game achievement?
20th in the world on Crash Team Racing Nitro Fueled on one of the maps Beat the guy who was the top of the faceit leaderboard in SEA like a year ago
sg/aug defenders come
AUG is fine, SG should be nerfed somehow and also put back to original price