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favorite player/team?
CSGO: Org: OpTic/Vitality/EnVyUs (can't decide) Player: shox Football: Team: Manchester United Player: Lorenzo Insigne or Gareth Bale
The MLS (USA’s league) is the retirement league in football to the rest of Europe.
Least hated Country
Greenland, and Canada. Greenland just because I’ve never seen someone being a dick head from there and Canada because it’s pretty much the nicest country that actually mean what they say.
be honest with us
I gave myself rare candy in Pokemon so I could skip level grinding and so I could get shinies but that’s about it
[18+] Halal is humane
Both videos show the slaughterhouses as gruesome for the sake of efficiency. Halal isn’t efficient, so why do it? There is literally no benefit to Halal slaughter. Both are inhumane but Halal is inhum...
Smooya Tweet
As much as I don't like smooya's personality and general arrogance, he's completely in the right to be angry and the fact he got banned for getting angry at someone throwing a game on his team is kind...
best aimers?
He's right though, 'didn't saw' is wrong, why get so angry by his correction?
Very easy navi fix
BOT Gabe just needs a good opportunity to show his skill. Onliner right now, but top 1 material 2020
Very easy navi fix
Wtf you mean? BOT Fred is such a fucking bot... what they need is BOT Gabe smh
UK come here
Not true really, David Cameron (The British Prime Minister at the time of the UK's brexit vote) was heavily a remainer.
UK come here
Tried to in 2015, and got told to get fucked. Why try again and make ourselves look like whiny children. (Although May is making us look like that anyway with the """""attempted"""" negotiations) The ...
UK come here
One of the parties in the coalition of Italy is heavily against the EU and actually used leaving the EU in their manifesto (since then, 5 Star has calmed down on that because of the liberal party they...
UK come here
I think that's a very narrow and arrogant way to think of the UK leaving the EU. The UK was a major economic power in the EU and has been on decent terms with France post Napoleon. It's not that we th...
UK come here
UK wants to leave the EU for a few reasons, losing money to remain an EU member when our own economy is struggling outside of London. Freedom of movement etc. is a problem, the government gives handou...