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Do pros cheat? Nope.
I'm not sure if any of the pros are cheating, and please don't take this as me saying "omg they r cheater!!", but a lot of the arguments people use to 'disprove' cheating are really poor. 1. OT means...
Valve ban smurf
New players don't all immediately flock to Faceit or ESEA, they play mm first. If Valve want to keep the game growing, it's in their interest to make the 'start' of the game better, including adding a...
League of Legends
I'm complete dogshit, but it's pretty fun with friends. People feeding their face off is pretty annoying but the games are short compared to cs so it's not nearly as frustrating as having a cs teammat...
New NiP tweet
Imagine a game Portugal vs France, Mbappé shoots at an open net but his foot just goes through the ball then 2 seconds later he's teleported to the halfway line
rare countries in hltv
There are plenty of flags on HLTV that aren't countries, mine, Macau, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Yugoslavia just to name a few, so I think Guernsey, Jersey, and all the constituent countries of the UK ...
Deadliest Martial Arts (barehanded) in the world
Muay Thai is easily the best striking martial art BJJ is easily the best ground/grappling martial art Taekwondo has some pretty nasty kicks, but there are a lot of "holes" in it
English speaker come
Parents are ethnic Europeans so English was spoken at home, plus most international schools are taught in English, other than a few that use Mandarin or Cantonese for a few lessons
italian scene
yeah but he has an Italian passport so you can sort of claim him :D
italian scene
kNg is Italian, seems pretty proud of it despite only playing with his fellow Brazilians