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I guess your rank/lvl
Age: 20 Hours: 2400 Starting Rank: Silver Elite Master
Twitch best "quote if" users
more hp and a bit of poise, they get staggered wayyy too easily
brits come here
Always curious about how people twist things (a lie is more often than not based in SOME truth). More often than not it's fear mongering, as is the case this time, but if it were true I'd like to know...
brits come here as of current legislattion, they can't.
Love the Nameless King ost, lore, mechanics, aesthetics, and level of difficulty. One of my all time favourite bosses. I wish the Abyss Watchers weren't such a push over for anyone remotely familiar w...
BLM - Do your thing
bodyy speaks pretty good English, on par with if not better than shox's and shox could easily be in an English speaking team but I've never rated him (bodyy) personally, and thought he was one of the ...
Casters 2019>2020
I really like machine's casting whenever he does it, he's probably one of my favourite casters along with semmler and sado when they still did it. Hugo and Harry are pretty good too imo but I get the ...
Major champion and ping
it's own region as in it's own FPL-C and instead of EU servers you can pick CIS servers for regular faceit queues, if NA has an FPL-C CIS probably should too. There are ways to get into higher level c...
Major champion and ping
yeah in faceit, I keep saying CIS should have it's own region, not just for language reasons, it doesn't seem fair that CIS players have to play on higher ping even though their region has TONS of pla...
Major champion and ping
20-30 in UK for me 95% of the time. Sometimes 50-70 if it’s a shitty server or my internet is having a stroke but that’s rare
eu mm
big +1 cao ni ma sb
friends bad at cs
Teach them how to play properly, I got a friend from mid fragging SEM-GN3 games to being able to frag decently in LE. Also, just play faceit with them, it'll just bring down the average elo of the lob...