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HLTV come here
Never thought that a topic so simple like this will actually give me such a positive feeling. Thanks mate, hope you too have a wonderful week & life.
how to find a nice girl in porn?
Best cigarettes?
Winston Blue
4:3 to 16:9
Just play whatever feels good to you man.. We’ve seen nitr0 play on 4:3 with blackbars which is something I would never be able to pull off but in the other hand we have seen what nitr0 is capable of.
4:3 to 16:9
played 16:9 for a while, then switched to 4:3 stretched 1280x960 and was pretty sure thats the best res, until i started using 1440x1080 which for me is the perfect res. But however just find out wha...
^ this guy knows. Listen to this guy
"BEST" Streamer
I r8 your life
1. I have a masters degree on communication and graphic design 2. 16 years old with a non-virgin girl 3. I don’t really play online to sort of have an elo rating but I would say I know chess and I ...
Country CS Rating
Scandinavian countries have really give the cs scene a lot of big names throughout the history of cs go apart from Norway now which doesn’t really have much players on top teams as your post shows. I...
Country CS Rating
This is some quality post here and I havent seen something like that in a while. Good job my friend and it was very informative and just when I was thinking the other day about if sweden is still wit...
I'll guess your favourite CSGO skin
Supreme, Ak47, 62 %
Teams you miss
GeT_RiGhT f0restwOw~ Delpan RobbaN face
ZywOo overrated
Close to his level but not there yet
Lol, most likely
GTR drama queen ?
That stupid video game means the life to him and he is 30 but a big portion of those years he dedicated to this game